The onslaught of social media has made keeping up with everything impossible, and in turn has left us in a constant state of anxiety.  Learning how to unplug and be free is very important for inner peace.

Recent research has shown that the increase of social media, especially sites like Facebook, leads to an increase of anxiety and general dissatisfaction.  This is partially to blame on the fact that the world we live in is not the world we are tuned to live in, things have simply changed very fast.  Those who put time into making an image online are the ones who are rewarded and that image is not necessarily who we are.

One of the biggest issues why there is so much anxiety involved with being an introvert is this underlying fear of omission (fear of missing out). Extroverts go out and are a part of so many things and it makes introverts feel like they are missing out on something. In this episode Al and Johnny discuss the desire of being involved while being simultaneously exhausted by it and ways to turn off for the sake of peace.

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