One will often run into parents who don’t really understand their children. However, it is fun to see light hearted parents who love unconditionally and laugh off the differences. The other night, I arrived to an argument at one of the homes I work at and it turned out to be between a mother and her teenage son. The mom said that the son wanted to be an adult but was constantly immature so she didn’t trust him. The son said that maturity had nothing to do with adulthood and that maybe she should try being immature sometimes. The mom said, “we will talk about this later” to the son so that he and I could then go over his courses and make a homework/tutoring schedule.

We had gone through most of his classes after an hour and we finally got to the dreaded math class and I was dismayed that he had the same inept math teacher that he had suffered through the previous year. I told him that we should see about transferring classes because he had barely earned a passing grade last year. The son said, “I worked really hard and I just barely got it up in time (in reference to the grade).” From the other room I heard a loud “HA!” from the mom followed by “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” Bravo, Mom. Bravo.

Raising a child seems like a very difficult thing (I have not done it first hand, I have only observed others), but I have noted that parents who can joke about the difficulties seem to be a little more sane. Remember that trying to relate to a being that is massively behind you developmentally can seem absurd, ridiculous, and downright impossible. It is the parent’s choice whether to fight this or laugh at the craziness of it all. If I ever have kids of my own, I hope I am one who laughs.