Episode 149: What is Nostalgia?

What starts out as a normal episode ends up with Al and Johnny getting into a deep discussion about the stark differences of growing up as a millenial vs. a baby boomer. They also discuss the reason for that nice warm feeling we get when thinking about those things in...

Episode 148: Schizophrenia

Al and Johnny discuss what schizophrenia actually is, and how it’s one of the most debilitating and misunderstood of the chronic mental illnesses. Listen

Episode 147: Attachment Styles

Are you glue or velcro….no wait… Al and Johnny discuss the different attachment styles and how we form them Listen

Episode 143: Welcome Back

Al and Johnny had a holiday hiatus trying to get episodes back up but here we are, and here’s where we’ve been! Listen

Episode 142: Sleep Disorders

Al and Johnny discuss some different sleep disorders. Al did a little research beforehand to give some helpful tips and Johnny goes a little deeper into his insomnia and hilarious nightmares....

Episode 140: Relationship blinders and how to avoid them

Love can cause us to do some crazy things, even if those things aren’t always best for us.  Al and Johnny talk about how people seem to ignore those awful traits of somebody they are in a long term relationship with....

Episode 139: How to get rid of toxic friends

Have you ever had a friend that you just couldn’t take anymore? Have you ever had that friend that seemed to only contact you when they need something? Friends are important but sometimes it’s time to unfriend that person who is causing you problems Al and...

Episode 137: A call to action

Hey listeners, here’s an episode where Al and Johnny sit down and just talk about the show.  We’re asking each and every one of you to do one thing, and that’s give us a positive review in iTunes.  It’s the one thing that affects our exposure...